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Electrical engineering helps to connect people through communication technologies. It’s a passion that advances medical diagnostics and military missions. Electrical engineering powers nations with energy creation and distribution, and helps to drive global innovation into the future.

As an electrical engineer, your opportunities to specialize in a particular field are expansive, as are the choices of sub-specialties. You can be involved in electronic assembly design, development, testing or manufacturing. You can join an engineering research team, become an engineering project manager, or use your expertise in a sales engineer capacity. The more you learn how to target your skills, the greater your future potential becomes.

Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at NJIT

Your path to tomorrow begins here at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where we have provided excellence in engineering education for over 130 years. While our focus on math, science, and technology remains consistent and strong, our curriculum continually advances and evolves to meet the changing needs of our students. This includes the development of a transformative online program designed for electrical engineers who want to gain the expertise to become leaders within this increasingly complex industry.

Our online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program is designed for professionals who want to contribute to the future by developing solutions to our world’s electrical engineering challenges. In a world that runs on electricity, electrical engineers will play a vital role in shaping technology, developing infrastructure, and improving the overall quality of life in the 21st century. Curriculum can prepare you with the advanced engineering skill set and practical knowledge to develop a lasting career in the area of electrical engineering that most interests you. Other advantages of studying with us include:

  • Earning your MSEE degree in less than two years.
  • Attending a respected, top-tier technology school.
  • Studying online, on your schedule, from wherever you may be.
  • Participating in an innovative and engaging electrical engineering program.
  • Gaining the confidence that comes from advanced education geared toward leadership careers.
  • Learning from experienced faculty with strong academic, business and technical credentials.

NJIT Online MSEE Program Goals

New Jersey Institute of Technology’s online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is a technologically advanced graduate degree program designed to provide an outstanding academic and research experience for working professionals. Our goal is to prepare you to become an accomplished engineering leader through future-focused graduate level curriculum that can expand your knowledge and develop your capacity for solving complex technological problems.

You will have the opportunity to strengthen your understanding of foundational principles, while also exploring unique areas of technical specialization and the management techniques needed for leadership success. The online MSEE program from NJIT will allow you to study how to:

  • Apply your knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data.
  • Design a system, component or process to desired specifications.
  • Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.
  • Conduct your projects with professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Pursue continued development relevant to your career plans.
  • Contribute to your profession and society at large.

Successful completion of the Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program also helps to put you one step closer to obtaining your Professional Engineer (PE) license. That’s because earning your degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology can replace one of the four years of experience required for licensure (in most states). Our goal is to give you every advantage in growing your career.

Specialized Knowledge for MSEE Students

This program is designed to develop the next generation of electrical engineers, and give you a competitive edge in securing a leadership role in the high-tech world of today … and tomorrow.

Core classes will help you strengthen and clarify your knowledge of linear systems, random signal variables, digital signal processing, electromagnetism, and operations research and decision making.

You will also have the opportunity to choose from three outstanding specialty tracks designed for electrical engineers with specific goals for the future.

  • Communications, Signal Processing & Microwave Specialization

This specialization focuses on electrical engineering as it relates to communication systems, telecommunications networks, digital signal processing, and wireless networks. You will be able to build your competence through coursework that encompasses subjects like:

    Advanced Microprocessor Systems
    Analysis of Deterministic and Random Signals
    Communication Systems Theory
    Computer Network Design and Analysis
    Digital Signal Processing
    Multivariate Signal Processing
    Network Optimization and Information Handling Architecture
    Performance Analysis of Communication Systems
    Wireless and Personal Communications Systems
    Wireless Network Design, Management and Planning
  • Power & Energy Systems Specialization

This track will allow you to examine the properties and performance of power systems, and learn to design, implement, control, and protect power systems for electronics and larger electrical networks. You’ll study the fundamental concepts of energy storage and distribution, as well as alternative energy sources, through classwork that includes:

    Bioenergy Resources, Products and Conversion Technologies
    Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
    Electrical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems
    Petri Net and Automation-Based Approaches
    Power Electronics
    Renewable Energy Systems
    Solar Energy and Photovoltaics
    Symmetrical components and Digital Solutions
    System Steady-State Analysis of Power System Networks
    Transients in Power Systems
    Wind Energy Systems and Design
  • Mechatronics Specialization

The mechatronics specialization explores the multidisciplinary application of mechanics, electronics, control systems and computer systems. You’ll learn how to optimize the performance of products and processes through the design, installation, maintenance, repair and calibration of equipment that integrates mechanical, electronic and software systems. Courses will help you explore vital concepts such as:

    Advanced Microprocessor Systems
    Analog and Digital Control System Components
    Architecture of DSP and Microcontrollers
    Control Systems Theory
    Design and Implementation of Controllers
    Feedback Control, State-Space Analysis and Frequency-Domain Methods
    Measured Analysis of Functionality, Reliability and Cost
    Modern Computer Control Systems
    Nonlinear Systems and Small-Signal Linearization
    Real-Time Computer Control Systems
    Real-Time Data Acquisition Devices and Interface
    Robotics, Microprocessor Architecture and System Assembly

Choosing NJIT’s Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

If you have an undergraduate background in engineering, physics, mathematics, or a related field and are ready to expand your knowledge, our online Master’s in Electrical Engineering can help you achieve your professional goals.

Electrical engineer is one of the most frequently advertised job opportunities throughout the United States and Canada. Wages continue to increase year over year, with average median salaries varying by industry and location. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the following average annual earnings by electrical engineering specialization:

  • Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing:  $101,840
  • Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services:  $92,540
  • Communications Equipment Manufacturing:  $90,870
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services:  $102,860
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution:  $86,560
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing:  $81,840
  • Engineering Support Services:  $99,360
  • Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing:  $95,930
  • Oil and Gas Extraction:  $106,780
  • Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing:  $99,540

Engineering Your Future

Here at New Jersey Institute of Technology, you will have the advantage of a curriculum that is rooted in a strong technological knowledge base. This alone is critical to being able to effectively navigate today’s electrical engineering industry. You also benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Earn your MSEE in less than two years via a 100% online learning opportunity.
  • Receive instruction from our research accomplished faculty and experienced industry professionals affiliated with our program.
  • Join a close-knit community of peers and professors with whom you will participate in high-level interaction, robust online discussions, and group collaboration.
  • Depend on the familiarity and support of a small peer learning group that will afford you a consistent connection throughout your advancement in the program.

We encourage you to explore our dynamic Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program and see why NJIT can offer you the outstanding resources of on institution steeped in honor, achievement, and celebrated reputation.

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